The healthcare IT industry has experienced a handful of pivotal moments in the last few decades, from the passage of the HITECH Act to the start of the Covid lockdown, to presidential elections. Each one has had a lasting impact on the way care is delivered. The most recent of those seminal events happened in November of 2022 when generative artificial intelligence (AI) became publicly accessible.

In the recent HealthsystemCIO webinar, Keys to Getting Your AI Journey Started on the Right Foot, the panelists shared factors that must be carefully considered with any AI strategy.

Tina Burbine, Vice President of Care Innovation and Enterprise Analytics, says, “I see a huge opportunity for teams to embrace prompt engineering training and put the knowledge into our clinical and operational users to be able to access information in different ways and take self-service to a whole different level,” noted Burbine. “I’m really excited to see how that gets integrated into the way that we work and hopefully reduces some of the burden. It’s going to be a game changer for our IT teams and for our clinical and operation end users.”

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