Meet with Healthlink Advisors and listen to Tina Burbine, VP of Care Innovation, moderate a panel on Hospital at Home at ViVE 2023 in Nashville, March 26-29, 2023. ViVE creates an immersive environment for interactive learning, idea generation and collaboration for the digital health community to come together to advance healthcare.

Session Title: Honey, Health’s Home

Date: Tuesday, March 28, 2023 @ 10:30am CT


  • Moderator: Tina Burbine, VP of Care Innovation
  • John Kao, Founder & CEO, Alignment Health
  • Marc Rothman, CMO, Signify Health
  • Arti Masturzo, CMO, CCS Medical
  • Julia Crist, COO, Inbound Health  

About the session: I want it all: Convenience and Safety, but can that happen in the comfort of your home?  Studies report that up to $265 billion worth of healthcare can shift from facilities to homes by 2025. Likewise, the hospital-at-home (H@H) model has been shown to improve patient outcomes, reduce hospital readmissions, and lower healthcare inpatient costs. However, making H@H a cost-effective strategy has hard and soft considerations. The model requires an upfront technology investment and the likelihood that providers will see the cost-savings reflected long-term in their reimbursement. There is also the loss of human touch with remote tools, or even the worry about access for those already marginalized. How can this model expand capabilities and increase access while addressing serious obstacles? The balancing act of convenience and safety is put to the test in this model, albeit data is promising. Listen to these leaders discuss how to navigate the fickle, segmented healthcare industry with this innovative delivery model.

Why meet with Healthlink Advisors Executives at ViVE:

Healthlink Advisors Execs would love to discuss the latest industry trends with you. Impactful IT strategic plans, the best process for implementing the right ERP system and how to approach an enterprise IT imaging strategy in 2023 and beyond. If you are interested in how we can help align your organization’s journey then let’s chat! 

Healthlink Advisors thought leaders and executives will be attending.

  • Lindsey Jarrell, CEO
  • Charles Anastos, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
  • Chris Jenkins, Senior Vice President
  • Tina Burbine, Vice President Care Innovation & Enterprise Analytics

Where: Meet us at Music City Center in Nashville, Tennessee

Announcement: Women’s Health Alternative Care Model

Healthlink Advisors is working to confront a critical gap in the women’s healthcare model, neglecting something that every woman can expect to experience — perimenopause and menopause. It is currently exceedingly difficult for far-too-many women across the US to get any answers about menopause issues beyond platitudes, much less qualified care for sometimes debilitating associated symptoms. Too many doctors and patients are unequipped and underinformed about physiological changes and contemporary treatment options. Tina Burbine, VP of Care Innovation & Enterprise Analytics, had to personally maneuver a series of needlessly fraught healthcare obstacles during her own journey. Tina has joined fellow healthcare executives facing the same mystifying lack of information, resources and care options to develop an alternative care model addressing this pervasive and glaring void. Their goal is better national standards, competence, and universal incorporation of education, screenings, and treatment options for perimenopause and menopause in conventional women’s healthcare. 

Healthlink Advisors and two female executives at a large healthcare system in the southeast are developing a women’s health alternative care model that does just that! Currently, they are:

  • Identifying and recruiting physician leadership
  • Determining the clinical protocols involved
  • Investigating integration with existing women’s health services
  • Establishing workflows & screenings to better help women identify perimenopause and menopause symptoms and understand the treatment options
  • Establishing new reimbursement models with payer partners

At ViVe, Tina Burbine is moderating the session Honey, Health’s Home on Tuesday, March 28 @ 10:30am CT, where she will discuss how to navigate the fickle, segmented healthcare industry with the innovative hospital-at-home delivery (H@H) model. Visit Healthlink Advisors to learn more about developing new women’s healthcare models, H@H, and healthcare innovation and strategy.