The recent rash of ransomware-induced outages has truly created a “not if, but when” dynamic for health systems. And with that feeling must come a commitment on the part of all leaders to ensure their organizations can continue safely treating patients and maintaining critical business operations during such an ordeal. To do that, downtime plans need to be revisited, tabletops conducted, and playbooks revised — not just once, but regularly. When it comes to IT leaders, the question has been: how can they best play their parts? How much of preparing the organization falls on their shoulders; how much on emergency management; what are the alternative options for a given function; and how can the two best work together to create the greatest chance of success? In this timely webinar, we’ll speak to leaders who are focused on doing everything in their power to support clinical and business operations until the applications come back.

In partnership with healthsystemCIO’s Anthony Guerra, join Chuck Christian, VP of Technology/CTO, Franciscan Health, Keith Duemling, Senior Director of Cybersecurity Technology Protection, Cleveland Clinic, and Zahid Rathore, Senior Vice President, Healthlink Advisors, as they delve into a discussion around business continuity planning and provide valuable insights into effectively navigating these challenges.

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