Safeguard Your Patients, Staff, and Reputation with Project Blackout BlueprintSM

St. Petersburg, FL – June 21, 2024 — In an era when unexpected disruptions—from natural disasters to ransomware cyberattacks—can halt healthcare operations, proactive measures are more critical than ever. Healthlink Advisors introduces Project Blackout BlueprintSM (PBB), a comprehensive program to ensure business and clinical continuity during catastrophic downtimes.

Protecting Healthcare in the Digital Age

Hospitals have become prime targets for ransomware attackers due to the high value of healthcare data and the devastating impact of system seizures. A recent study by the University of Minnesota highlighted 374 instances of ransomware attacks on healthcare delivery organizations from 2016 to 2021, with an alarming rise in frequency. According to HHS, the frequency of cyber incidents has surged, with a 93% rise in significant breaches from 2018 to 2022. In 2023, there were 141 hospitals in the U.S. directly impacted by a cyber incident. Moreover, ransomware attacks have been shown to increase patient mortality rates by up to 35%. In addition to the attacks themselves, ransom payments are increasing, often beyond $10M, with an average outage of 18 days. 

With recent attacks on major entities like Change Healthcare and Ascension Health, the urgency for preparedness has never been clearer. As healthcare workflows become increasingly digital, organizations must transition from reactive to proactive, identifying alternative processes to maintain operations during downtimes.

Introducing Project Blackout BlueprintSM

PBB complements existing disaster recovery (DR), business continuity (BC), incident response, and crisis management plans. By focusing on key workflows and supporting alternative processes, PBB follows an operational framework to ensure organizational resilience during catastrophic downtimes.

Comprehensive Coverage

PBB addresses critical functions within a healthcare organization, including clinical and business operations, human resources, finance, patient care delivery, and supply chain management. PBB integrates with existing efforts by engaging various departments, identifying and addressing gaps to ensure comprehensive readiness.

Why Your Healthcare System Needs Project Blackout BlueprintSM Now

PBB works with clinical, revenue cycle, and business leaders across the enterprise to:

  • Protect Patient Care: Ensure uninterrupted delivery of critical services, minimizing patient harm and family anxiety.
  • Empower Staff: Equip your team with clear protocols and communication strategies for effective crisis response.
  • Maintain Trust and Reputation: Demonstrate preparedness to your community, fostering trust and minimizing reputational damage during disruptions.

Take Action Today

Don’t wait for disaster to strike. Ensure your healthcare organization is prepared with Project Blackout BlueprintSM. For more information, contact:

Zahid Rathore

Senior Vice President

(202) 494-5283

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