Like any cost center, IT departments are continually asked to spend less, without reducing either the quantity or quality of services they provide. If it sounds like a tall order, it is. That’s why many health systems, though they’ve tried mightily over the past few years, have seen limited success in doing more with less. But, believe it or not, there are ways to drive down spending that can leave an organization well-positioned for the future, perhaps even more so than if they didn’t cut at all. In this timely webinar, we’ll speak to leaders who have made strides with — and have a fresh perspective on — cost-cutting to learn how they look at the problem, where they go first, and how to ensure any proposed changes are both actionable and sustainable.

In partnership with healthsystemCIO’s Anthony Guerra, join Brian Sterud, VP/CIO at Faith Regional Health Services, James Wellman, VP/CIO at Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home, and Lindsey Jarrell, CEO dove into an in-depth discussion about strategies to reduce IT costs.

Watch the full webinar, here.