For better or worse, finding success with AI takes more than plugging those projects into existing governance structures. At first, this may not seem the case, as implementation of AI-light projects — such as RPA, native EHR predictive modeling, or chatbot-powered symptom checkers — give the impression that today’s governance will do the trick. But true AI requires a different approach, one that provides the freedom to innovate without producing another silo that will ultimately hold the organization back. In this timely webinar, we’ll speak to leaders who are looking to futureproof their AI journey by constructing the optimal long-term strategy today.

In partnership with healthsystemCIO’s Anthony Guerra, watch Dr. Patrick Woodard, CHIO at Monument Health, Chad Jones, SVP of Information Systems at Baylor Scott & White, and Tina Burbine, VP of Care Innovation and Analytics at Healthlink Advisors discuss critical elements for a successful AI journey.

Watch the full webinar here.