As businesses continue to evolve and embrace the digital age, intelligent automation has become essential to their operations.

An Intelligent Automation Center of Excellence (IACoE) is an internal team of experts that guides the automation program to ensure that it aligns with the overall mission and strategy of the organization.

Savvy CIOs know proper financial modeling is critical in planning any new IT initiative.

Healthlink Advisors is honored to support this content from our friends at First Health Advisory: White Paper: Securing the Connected Hospital by Matt Dimino, CSO of Clinical & Operational Security & Technology.

In Part I of this series, our experts discussed outsourcing options to help healthcare IT shops balance “keeping the lights on” with pursuing strategic initiatives and the benefits of partial outsourcing with a managed services partner.

As aptly noted by the Medical Group Management Association, "Health systems leaders are challenged to ensure technology investments are integrated to support the best patient experience possible and aid administrative processes and optimize workflows, from improving care coordination, to streamlining clinical documentation processing and care team communication."

In collaboration with First Health Advisory Established CIOs can maximize their effectiveness and make real progress toward organizational goals by taking time to reset priorities and benchmarks.

Partial outsourcing can free up resources to allow healthcare IT teams to focus on development, innovation, and value.

In our last Perspective about ESG, we wrote about the structure and components of an ESG program. In part two, we will take a look at investment and strategy.