IT Strategy and Governance

With healthcare undergoing a fundamental shift in the relationship between IT, the business, and clinical stakeholders, we need to be proactive. Not only are stakeholders insisting on the ability to use their personal devices, social media, and cloud services, they are requiring more impactful use of technology in the delivery of patient care, accelerated return on investment of implementations, and quantifiable results.

As leaders in health IT, we accept the inevitability of modern stakeholder trends. We prepare for these trends by rethinking how IT is governed. At Healthlink Advisors, we build relationships with stakeholders, identify and recommend new decision rights, and facilitate the responsibility for key decisions. This substantial change for the command and control structures of most IT organizations requires a refreshed governance model with renewed stakeholder relationships–that’s where we come in.

Healthlink Advisors’ unique blend of consulting, facilitation, and methodologies will elevate your governance capabilities and better prepare your organization. Our product and portfolio management tools will enable your organization for next year’s barrage of project requests.

We Deliver

  • IT strategic alignment
  • IT roadmap development
  • IT operating model assessment/design
  • Shared service model development
  • Merger and acquisition (M&A) IT due diligence
  • Post merger IT integration
  • Interim leadership