Revenue Cycle Services

The Healthcare Revenue Cycle begins at the point of patient contact and ends with final resolution through collection of any outstanding account balance. Traditionally, hospitals focused their financial attention on collections at the back end of this cycle, after the bill was issued. Medical facilities must spend the appropriate time, money and resources to verify patient insurance and demographic information every time they walk in the door for treatment. Tedious manual processes, data integrity issues and other operational inefficiencies up front will create a waterfall effect of processing problems throughout the back-end. Inaccurate information can also result in claim denials, as well as missed opportunities for reimbursement from other sources.

In addition, payers are becoming increasingly difficult to manage and additional roadblocks are being created to deter timely reimbursement. The Revenue Cycle is becoming increasingly intricate and coordination is required between several key departments to ensure accurate reimbursement.

We have a proven track record of transforming our clients’ revenue cycle to accelerate cash and prevent revenue leakage. We subscribe to resolving issues at the root cause and providing you with the tools to sustain the success we help you achieve.

We Deliver

  • Rapid assessment and improvement plan focused on
    • Improved cash flow and strengthened bottom line
    • Improved A/R Days
    • Reduced clinical and technical denials
    • Reduced bad debt
    • Reduced labor costs
  • Revenue Cycle Operations Model Design
  • Strategy and implementation framework for Rev Cycle Solution Migrations