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Cloud technologies are driving a large portion of a health system's technology agenda from blockchain enabling technologies to more traditional platforms such as Azure, AWS, and Google.

Healthlink Advisors, a leading healthcare consulting firm focused on healthcare IT (HIT) planning and assessment, announced significant industry recognition in a First Look report published recently by KLAS Research.

Tina Burbine, VP Care Innovation & Enterprise Analytics, describes how Hospital at Home programs can both reduce cost and improve health outcomes.

As organizations embrace environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies, healthcare technology leaders and Chief Information Officers (CIOs) must be ready for how a comprehensive approach to ESG will impact the underlying technology and services that run the business today.

Extensive experience in the industry has taught us that when trends turn to standards, it is important to develop a strategic approach and framework to evaluate whether adoption is right for an organization.

Before the implementation of the HIPAA Security Rule, what passed for security in most healthcare organizations was some network monitoring and anti-virus...