The volume of data health systems must manage continues to grow exponentially. Effective data management techniques require health systems to treat their data as an enterprise asset. By doing so, organizations are able to harness the power of their information and use it to drive transformation. Enterprise-wide analytics means producing meaningful information to measure the organization’s strategic objectives and incorporating innovative techniques and technologies. Establishing or maturing enterprise-wide analytic programs can be complicated as business units typically have their own team of analysts producing a subset of analytics. It’s critical for long-term success that an enterprise analytics team is dedicated to establishing data rules of the road to guide and enhance existing business unit analytic capabilities. Operational and data discipline is needed to support this data-culture transformation and integrate analytics innovation such as natural language processing, robotics, and machine learning.

Healthlink Advisors has a proven track record enabling clients to accelerate their data maturity and drive strategic performance to achieve improved outcomes. We subscribe to a continuous improvement mindset and work closely with our clients to identify new ways to utilize data and information. Working hand-in-hand with our clients, we identify opportunities to improve enterprise-wide analytics delivery that addresses critical components:

  • Enterprise-wide analytics team structure – best practices for where the team should reside within an organization, roles, responsibilities and skill sets needed
  • Agile-based workflows – process design and best practices for agile-focused data management and analytics delivery
  • Toolset enablement to automate data management best practices
  • Operational design focused on prioritizing and addressing the analytics that will deliver noticeable impact

Embedding agile-based analytics development techniques provides teams with the critical analytic development skills to easily adapt to the growing and changing data demands within an organization, which is necessary for long-term strategic success.

Regular guest lecturer at the University of Arizona’s Biomedical Informatics program providing our expertise in managing data.

We Deliver

  • Analytics team structure, staff model and best practices
  • Managed analytics partner services
  • Enterprise analytics architecture alignment
  • Multi-enterprise analytics network strategic planning and implementation
  • Analytic roadmaps
  • Data management roadmaps
  • Cultural change management approaches to analytics
  • Data migration strategies
  • Establishment of Analytics Center of Excellence
  • Agile-based analytic development methodologies and coaching
  • Data visualization expertise
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