In today’s competitive business landscape, organizations are compelled to derive greater value from their resources without escalating costs. At Healthlink Advisors, we leverage our Business Systems and Operations Performance Models℠ to swiftly pinpoint opportunities for performance enhancement and devise customized strategies that cater specifically to the unique needs of your organization.

Our expertise extends beyond mere ERP implementation. Our dedicated team of professionals harnesses cutting-edge insights to revolutionize thought processes, workflows, and overall operations. With a focus on sustainable success, we guide our clients through meticulous vendor selection, comprehensive readiness assessments, and robust implementation oversight, ensuring that every ERP solution not only meets but exceeds the strategic objectives of our clients.

Join us in transforming your operational landscape into one that is optimized for future challenges and opportunities.

Vendor Selection & Total
Cost of Ownership
Healthlink Advisors’ ERP service line specializes in vendor selection, ensuring each vendor’s solution aligns with both business and clinical needs through meticulous documentation and evaluation. We facilitate vendor presentations to identify capability gaps, which are addressed during contract negotiations. Our comprehensive cost analysis forecasts 10-year expenses, including vendor fees and contingencies, to assess their impact on operating income. Leveraging our extensive experience, we guide key stakeholders to lead their board of trustees towards an informed final decision, negotiating the most favorable pricing for the selected ERP system.

ERP Readiness
Assessment & Planning
Healthlink Advisors provides comprehensive ERP readiness and planning services designed to prepare your organization thoroughly before launching into ERP system selection, implementation, or upgrades. Our advisory support team partners with key stakeholders to review business processes, identify pain points, and understand staffing and organizational expectations. We conduct detailed readiness assessments, resulting in a risk registry that informs project lifecycle management. Our approach includes developing an ERP implementation governance framework, creating guiding principles, and planning for staffing needs and contracting support. During Phase Zero, we lay the groundwork to reduce risks, increase ROl, and ensure a smoother implementation, which includes issuing RFPs for niche outsourcing. This strategic preparation sets the stage for success, paving the way for enhanced user adoption and optimized project outcomes.

Implementation Project
Oversight & Governance
Healthlink Advisors excels in ERP implementation oversight and governance, adopting a collaborative two-in-the-box approach to closely partner with your team, supplemented by strategic staff augmentation as needed. Our expertise extends to developing and executing comprehensive program governance and organizational change management strategies, which include regular status reporting to keep all stakeholders informed. We take charge of managing the implementation vendor, ensuring alignment with project success while prioritizing your organization’s interests and goals. Additionally, we work closely with your finance team to refine cost models and business cases, providing clear insights into cost implications and budgetary requirements, thus supporting informed decision-making throughout the project lifecycle.

Optimization Oversight
& Leadership
Healthlink Advisors ensures your ERP system continuously serves as a valuable asset through optimization and strategic oversight, aiming for maximum ROl and supporting long-term organizational growth. Post-production, our team transitions projects from go-live to stabilization, meticulously addressing and escalating priority issues. We analyze optimization requests from the project, integrating them into a strategic roadmap or handling them as standard support requests. This roadmap not only includes large optimization requests but also outlines modules reserved for future phases. Additionally, our managed services maintain the integrity of all ERP modules, defining service level agreements tailored to your needs and implementing change management best practices. Leveraging data from incident management systems, we refine system requirements to support future state developments, ensuring alignment with increased efficiency, improved data accuracy, enhanced user experience, reduced costs, and overall business goals.

Financial Management

ERP financial oversight ensures the reliability and accuracy of your financial data, fosters trust in your financial reporting, and helps mitigate risks associated with financial fraud and errors.

Human Capital Management

By effectively overseeing your ERP HCM, you can ensure its optimal utilization for managing your workforce, streamlining HR processes, and achieving your strategic HR goals.


Effective ERP payroll oversight helps organizations maintain accurate and compliant payroll processing, minimize errors and fraud risks, and ensure timely payments to employees. By following these practices and tailoring them to your specific needs, you can leverage your ERP system to manage payroll effectively.

Supply Management

ERP systems empower organizations to streamline their supply chains, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and gain a competitive advantage.

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