Successful implementations require engaged sponsorship and governance oversight, knowledgeable project management, disciplined testing and training, and detailed integrated plans for all phases of the work. Our award-winning team of professionals can lead and support your organization in all aspects of new solution implementations. Our methodology, including our risk framework, acts as an accelerator while also strengthening the vendor’s implementation framework.


Our solution experts work with your organization and vendors to ensure your implementation stays on time and on budget. Transitioning from planning into execution, we layer our program leadership and risk framework to drive value while sharing best practices. Moving into go-live readiness, we focus on methodical testing through our testing center of excellence and user-friendly training delivery. Post-go-live, our team provides support, stabilization, and success measurement tracking. From start to finish and beyond, our seasoned professionals are there to advise you through the process.

Success Factors

  • Partner with and, at times, lead the solution vendor
  • Align your organizations needs with the vendor’s recommendations
  • Use the implementation as an opportunity to standardize data, workflows and processes
  • Do not underestimate the need for change management
  • Develop governance from the top down

We Deliver

  • Pre-implementation planning (phase 0)
  • Kickoff readiness
  • Organizational change management
  • Program leadership
  • Testing center of excellence
  • Training program development and delivery
  • Go-live success enablement
  • Post go-live stabilization support
  • Distressed project turnaround