In today’s healthcare landscape, hospitals strive to enhance efficiency while reducing costs. To achieve these goals, healthcare providers have turned to intelligent automation to handle routine repetitive tasks, allowing team members to focus more on complex decision making activities to improve the patient care experience. Implementing effective intelligent automation solutions is a complex process requiring strategic alignment with organizationa goals, committement from leadership and operations, coordination of stakeholders, strong technology infrastructure, an agile mindset, robust data governance, and a center of excellence serving as the hub for guiding automation development.

At Healthlink Advisors, we have a proven track record of enabling clients to accelerate their health technologies and navigate the complexities of intelligent automation. We understand the unique challenges faced by organizations in adopting intelligent automation and delivering quality products that meet both business needs and ensure a seamless patient experience. In our approach, we conduct an indepth maturity assessment to gauge where our clients are in their automation journey and determine a path forward that best meets their needs. By working closely with our clients, we address the following critical areas:

  1. Strategy: We help define the automation strategy that aligns with the business objectives of the organization and conduct assessments for quick wins and areas of opportuniton in every area of the automation journey
  2. Technology: We provide guidance on automation platforms and ancillary technologies such as process mining tools and analytics and reporting, and ensure the technology stack does not have redundant or unused technologies within the portfolio
  3. Intelligent Automation Center of Excellence: We assist in identifying the best practices for how teams operate, define roles and responsibilities, build cross functional collaborations and establish clear guidelines and governance frameworks, enabling organizations to streamline their automation efforts.
  4. Capability assessment and roadmap development: We assess the current state of the automation program from operational and technological perspective and what capabilities are in the development pipeline
  5. Ongoing Success: We recognize that successful automation involves monitoring the solutions post go-live and that each solution will have specific metrics based on the workflows automated. We gauge success of each automation based on defined business needs and general automation metrics and ensure that solutions meet compliance requirements.

With Healthlink Advisors’ expertise and guidance, healthcare providers can harness the power of intelligent automation and leverage their IACoE to optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and deliver high-quality patient care while deploying scalable and adaptable technologies to industry meet shifts and requirements.

We Deliver

For clients without intelligent automation

  •  Establish IACoE
  •  Business case development
  •  Application rationalization – align your software portfolio before automating
  •  Vendor Selection
  • Total Cost of ownership modeling
  •  Identification of automation opportunities
  • Organization strategy alignment

For clients with an intelligent automation portfolio

  • Establish or improve IACoE
  • Maturity assessment of automation capabilities
  • Roadmap development
  • Automation portfolio application rationalization
  • Automation health check
  • Organization strategy alignment
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