Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly important in our business and personal lives. It is actively reshaping the business landscape and healthcare delivery, and leaders must comprehensively understand AI’s role.

  • What are the implications of AI on my area of responsibility?
  • How can my organization keep up with the changes that AI will bring?
  • Can AI fix data management problems, or will my data problems be exacerbated with AI?
  • How do cloud and AI impact the role of the IT department and investments in infrastructure?
  • What job roles will AI replace?
  • How will our organization invest in AI?

It’s critical to integrate the targeted areas where your organization will leverage AI with your strategic digital health, transformation, and architecture approaches and decisions. Whether you’re a small clinic or a large hospital network, we’re committed to helping you harness the potential of AI. Let us partner with you on your journey towards a smarter, more effective healthcare system.

We believe in a patient-centered approach, harnessing the power of AI to enhance care quality, accessibility, and efficiency. Our team is experienced in both AI technology and healthcare operations, enabling you to implement solutions that truly meet the needs of healthcare operations, from patient engagement to business office operations to patient care.

We provide comprehensive services to help your organization prepare for and manage the future with AI. 

We Deliver

  • AI strategy & adoption – Identifies the potential of AI in healthcare delivery and operations for your organization with a roadmap providing a path to the successful adoption of AI.
  • Data Infrastructure and Architecture – Understand design and implementation costs for a robust data infrastructure necessary to support AI initiatives including: data storage, data pipelines, data cleansing, cloud computing resources, data security, and privacy provisions.
  • AI Governance Frameworks – Ensure a right-sized approach for your organization is established to provide oversight and alignment of AI and machine learning technologies as they are designed and implemented.
  • Machine Learning Model Development – Design, train, and validate custom machine learning models for specific business problems. Involves various techniques, from regression and decision trees to deep learning, depending on the problem and the available data.
  • AI Solution Implementation – Program management of AI solutions, ranging from chatbots, predictive analytic platforms and autonomous systems. Includes integrating AI solutions with existing systems and workflows.
  • AI Ethics and Fairness Consulting – Provides guidance to health systems in ethical AI practices, including fairness, transparency, and privacy to address bias and accountability. 
  • AI Operation and Maintenance – Monitor and maintain deployed AI solutions, ensuring they remain effective and current as your business and clinical needs evolve, and new data becomes available.
  • Venture capital and investment advice – Provide advice to private equity and venture capital firms looking to invest in AI-based healthcare companies

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