In today’s market landscape, health systems face increasing project demand, higher salary costs, national workforce issues, and difficulty attracting and maintaining the right talent. Leveraging our flexible managed service model with our advisory expertise means that your organization will be able to execute strategic priorities without having to worry about capacity issues. Our trusted advisory expertise, proven practices and methodologies are the foundation of our managed services offering to accelerate growth for your key business & IT priorities.

Our partnership approach provides an integrated team that will feel like a natural extension of your organization. We thoughtfully work with you to design the optimal solution for your organization, including structure, onboarding, initiation, and integration enabling an organization to quickly scale up or down depending on your needs. We monitor, manage and execute the delivery of operational projects and measure the value-add and business outcomes to ensure your organization’s desired results and goals are achieved.

Our industry-leading advisory services knowledge informs our managed services team’s approach, creating a unique vendor-specific plan to address your operational, optimization and ongoing maintenance needs with the various technology partners your organization is working with. Our managed services team is comprised of proven, experienced professionals who lead and do the work. For example, if a health organization is struggling to address timely platform upgrades, which must be completed before any possible cloud integrations or migrations occur, our managed services team will develop a plan that addresses the platform upgrades while also addressing the cloud integration planning in parallel, ensuring that all business and technical decisions are made without incurring technical debt and are in support of achieving the long term objectives.

Our Managed Services Offerings

  • Epic Applications
  • Epic Community Connect
  • Epic Payer Platform managed services for payer and provider organizations
  • Cloud
  • Program and project management services
  • IT niche outsourcing
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