Effective program and project management is imperative to healthcare organizations today. Healthcare organizations must achieve the value they expect from their projects as they prioritize the hundreds of project requests against competing organizational priorities. Selecting, developing, and delivering projects on time is crucial to a healthcare organization’s success. Healthlink Advisors offers a variety of solutions to help your organization optimize and align Project Management Office (PMO) operations with strategic initiatives.

Maturity Assessment and Roadmap

Healthlink Advisors can objectively assess your PMO’s maturity and deliver a roadmap to improve performance.

We Deliver

  • Objective assessment of your PMO’s current state and maturity level
  • Development of an actionable roadmap to improve your PMO processes, procedures, and overall delivery performance, including recommendations, prioritization, timeline, and level of effort
  • Organizational design and change management plans
  • Implementation of the roadmap (optional)

Managed Services

Healthlink Advisors offers an end-to-end PMO that integrates with your IT team and the rest of your organization which will meet your organizational needs and accelerate the delivery of successful projects and business outcomes.

We Deliver

  • Fully staffed PMO with methodology and tools structured for your organization
  • Leadership oversight and support of the PMO managed service
  • Business relationship management to maintain strategic alignment with organization priorities

Strategic Program and Project Oversight

Healthlink Advisors will work closely with you and your internal key customers as a strategic partner, integrating with your organization to oversee and lead your most strategic, complex, and challenging programs and projects. 

We Deliver

  • Development and implementation of program-level governance to aid in communications, decision-making, resource prioritization, and coordination that improve overall delivery quality
  • Continuous evaluation and refinement of program and project management activities and deliverables with a focus on delivery excellence
  • Program risk assessment and mitigation

Virtual Program and Project Management

Healthlink Advisors’ Virtual Project Management (VPM) service provides your organization with certified program and project managers to supplement your PMO team. 

Benefits of the VPM service include:

  • Access to certified project managers resulting in accelerated ramp-up and the ability to provide value to your organization quickly
  • Extension of your internal team’s capacity to address fluctuating project management demands within your organization
  • Mitigation of recruitment challenges for talented project managers through the use of our dedicated professionals
  • Access to dedicated professionals to manage projects, which minimizes reliance on analysts and other technical resources that are not well suited to handle projects
  • Provision of interim coverage for your project managers for planned and unplanned time away (e.g., medical leave of absence, vacation, attrition)

We Deliver

  • Full and/or part-time certified project management resources for single or multiple projects to supplement your PMO team
  • Healthlink Advisors’ leadership oversight and support of the VPM team
  • A robust set of tools and templates (or utilization of your organization’s tools and templates)
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