Program Management

Successful and strategic solutions require the appropriate knowledge of software implementation and project management principles. It also requires a deep understanding of clinical and business operating models, analytics, and financial management.

We Deliver

  • System implementation program management
  • Organizational design and change management
  • Program risk assessment and mitigation

Virtual Program Management

Healthlink Advisors’ Virtual Project Management Office provides your organization several benefits, including:

  • Access to on-demand certified project managers resulting in accelerated ramp-up and ability to provide value to your organization quickly
  • Extending your internal team’s capacity to address fluctuating project management demands within your organization
  • Mitigation of recruitment challenges for talented project managers through the use of our dedicated professionals
  • Leveraging dedicated professionals to manage projects to minimize reliance on analysts and other technical resources
  • Provision of interim coverage for your project managers for planned and unplanned time away (e.g., medical leave of absence, vacation, attrition)

Our Tools and Technologies

  • Collaboration focused mindset to accelerate integration into your team and organization
  • Scalable and customizable toolbox of project management tools, templates, and processes
  • Proven tools that promote collaboration and communication