Choosing the right option, vendor or solution requires organization and structure. Healthlink Advisors provides thoughtful discipline throughout the process for you and your team. From enterprise EHR, revenue cycle and ERP platforms to outsourcing evaluations, we work closely with executive leadership to consider all aspects of the decision, and we actively engage stakeholders to ease the decision-making process. Our clients experience a positive and measurable return on investment based on the outcomes of our work.


Understanding the needs of a health system goes beyond basic comparisons. Our experienced team considers all aspects of performance, coupled with the decision process to drive a comprehensive and strategically aligned decision. Our selection and options analysis offerings are flexible to meet your needs from a full selection process led by our team to a compressed version with a specific area of focus.

Success Factors

  • Develop a strong governance structure with clearly defined guiding principles
  • Align with the organizational communications strategy
  • Build an infrastructure for implementation and linkage with other related change efforts
  • Involve end users in the process
  • Deliver clear and consistent communication across stakeholder groups, including vendors

We Deliver

  • Application selection
  • Platform selection
  • Vendor selection
  • Options analysis
  • Cost modeling
  • Benefits analysis
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System Selection Components System Selection Engagement Options
Cost Model Only Cost Model + Benefits Analysis Full Selection Full Selection + Site Visits Comprehensive System Selection + Implementation Prep
Current state discovery (people, process, & technology)
Risk assessment
Market landscape research
Target vendor identification
Vendor Evaluation
Strategic decision factors & options analysis
Request for proposal (RFP) process
Vendor functionality roadmap analysis
Vendor demonstrations
Reference calls
Reference site visits (if applicable)
Vendor site visits (if applicable)
Financial Modeling
Total cost of ownership modeling
Return on investment (ROI) modeling
Value modeling (benefits analysis)
Decision Day Preparation
Business case
Executive team communications
Board of trustees communications
Targeted facilitated (1:1 or group) sessions
Implementation Preparation
Governance development
Phase 0
Contract Negotiations
Third-party contract management

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Latest Selections & Options Analysis Perspectives

It’s no secret that the healthcare market is continuing to shift due to a variety of catalysts, including continued wide-spread staffing shortages, a consumer driven market driving preferred sites of care into the ambulatory and at-home space, expanding virtual care options, and the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI).