Team Member Spotlight: Liz Richard

Team Member Spotlight: Liz Richard

Our team member spotlight this month shines on one of our firm’s Directors, Liz Richard. We’re excited to share some highlights from a recent conversation with her:

Q:  Tell us about your path to Healthlink Advisors. 

A:  I’ve been focused on healthcare since college. I majored in healthcare management in the Business School at the University of Alabama. I then went on to get a MBA and MHS at the University of Florida. My career has been split almost evenly between the provider side and the consulting side. My first job was with Ernst & Young in their healthcare consulting practice. My focus areas were financial analysis, and revenue cycle and operational improvement. One of the Senior Directors with E&Y recruited me to Tampa General Hospital where I started in decision support. We were basically internal consultants and were responsible for all financial analysis, business plans, productivity, project management, and budget development. I started their Process Engineering Program and rolled out LEAN to the organization. After an organizational restructuring, I went back to lead decision support and brought process engineering with me. It was really great to work with all the clinical and operational leaders and teams. It definitely made healthcare real to me. After Tampa General, I returned to consulting and joined a healthcare IT consulting firm and focused on helping organizations meet healthcare IT regulatory requirements and obtain federal funding. I went on to lead that practice for that consulting firm. I met Lindsey Jarrell and Chris Jenkins a year or two before I joined Healthlink Advisors. I was very impressed with their vision and the culture they described. It was also really convenient that Healthlink Advisor’s headquarters was in St. Petersburg, FL where I live. About a year after I first met Lindsey and Chris, I was engaged at a client in Florida where Lindsey was also engaged. We had the opportunity to work together for a few months and Lindsey asked me to join the Healthlink Advisors’ Team. April 2021 will be my third anniversary with Healthlink Advisors and I’m very proud to be part of this amazing team.

Q:  What do you enjoy most about health IT consulting

A: I love problem solving. It’s always great to start working with a client, understand their situation and issues and get them to a successful end-point. One of the fun things about consulting is the diversity and variety of problems needing to be solved. You need to go in, quickly assess the situation, and develop relationships with the client team to get the job done. Challenging yourself in new situations and ensuring your client has everything they need for the outcome of the project is always exciting. It’s always flattering to become part of the client’s team, be that trusted advisor and be asked to come back to assist in other areas.

Q: What are challenges or changes you’ve heard from clients after experiencing this pandemic?

A: I’ve been truly amazed by the healthcare frontline workers and their leadership. Mostly we work with the IT side of the healthcare organizations and this pandemic has certainly impacted IT teams. We have seen IT teams supporting the frontline workers, leading telehealth implementations at an extremely accelerated pace, and facilitating transitions of teams and other non-patient facing workers to a work-from-home situation. The frontline healthcare workers and their leadership are HEROS. It’s important to do everything we can to support them.

Q:  Please share a couple of random fun facts about yourself. A: I’m a huge college football fan. Alabama is my number one team, with Florida as a second. It makes for interesting times, especially at the office. Alabama and Florida play in the SEC championship on Saturday. I’ll be cheering for Bama. A second random fact is I am a runner. I’ve done a half marathon every year for the last nine years. I was excited for my tenth this year. Since there aren’t any scheduled in early 2021, I’m going to make my own 2021 half marathon.