Team Member Spotlight: Mark Pasquale

Team Member Spotlight: Mark Pasquale

Our team member spotlight this month shines on one of our firm’s Vice Presidents, Mark Pasquale. We’re excited to share some highlights from a recent conversation with him:

Q:  Tell us about your path to Healthlink Advisors. 

A:  While working in IT for a large IDN, I had the opportunity to cross paths with Healthlink Advisors CEO Lindsey Jarrell during an EHR implementation that his team was supporting. At the time, I was extremely impressed with the quality of work that was done by both him and his team. Fast forward 10 years later in my own career, where I wanted to help more than one organization at a time with the lessons learned and knowledge that served me well so I transitioned from healthcare organization leadership to an executive advisor. During this transitional period, Healthlink Advisors appealed to me and I joined in 2019. The organization’s focus on quality of work, which is also one of our core values continues to impress me. This focus is one of the key reasons why I was excited to join and what continues to motivate me today in serving other health organizations. 

Q:  What keeps you motivated in our industry? 

A:  The constant change in healthcare is challenging and very motivating.  In our role as consultants, we have the opportunity to stay engaged with the latest activities in our field which frequently range from technologies to new regulations. For example, over the past several months, we have been helping organizations navigate the new ONC / CMS rules on information blocking and interoperability. Taking the time to diligently understand the details and nuances so that we can help current health system CIO’s establish a plan to address these criteria based on their current environment is so rewarding. Contributing to their success and their team’s success is very meaningful to me. 

QWhat’s the most rewarding part of working in health IT?

A:  I have been extremely blessed to have worked with incredible people throughout my career. There is something very special about the folks who dedicate themselves to care for others in our industry. It has been a wonderful opportunity to have been a part of different teams that have made a positive impact enabling physicians and clinicians to deliver quality care to the people in our communities.

Q: What are unexpected challenges do you hope the industry can solve that are being experienced as a result of the pandemic?

A: The use of analytics in healthcare has made significant strides over the past several years and will continue to do so for many years to come. I would love to see more point of care analytics served up nationwide to support the clinician’s ability to provide the latest therapeutic options for their patients in this or any future pandemic. 

Q:  Please share a couple of random fun facts about yourself. A:  I took up golf a few years ago. I still have a very high handicap, but similar to the start of the baseball season, each spring brings a renewed optimism of playing better than the year before.