Team Member Spotlight: Steve Hendrick

Team Member Spotlight: Steve Hendrick

Our team member spotlight this month shines on one of our firm’s Managers, Steve Hendrick. We’re excited to share some highlights from a recent conversation with him:

Q:  Tell us about your path to Healthlink Advisors. 

A:  Growing up my mom and dad held technology leadership positions in two of the largest healthcare provider organizations in the Tampa Bay area, and as chance would have it, I ended up in the same industry and line of business. I wouldn’t say my mom and dad are the entire reason I ended up in healthcare technology, but they definitely had a huge impact as my two biggest role models and doing a great job of selling the benefits as I grew up. 

I thought I was heading in a different direction after graduating college with a criminal justice degree and a minor in information security, but I ended up joining BayCare Health System on the EMR implementation team. BayCare allowed me to gain some core professional experience, which enabled me to join KPMG in the CIO advisory practice where my focus was program management office implementations within the media and entertainment segment. Feeling the need to get focused back in healthcare technology, I joined a small start-up that had developed medical record auditing management software. Shortly after that, I was recruited by Cerner where I assisted with the business integration of an acquired solution before moving into a client oversight role within Cerner’s application managed services organization. During my time at Cerner, I found a passion for consulting project work. It helped me realize that I wanted to shift away from being product-focused and instead support health organizations in making key decisions such as which vendors to partner with or providing strategic program support for data archiving and more. Healthlink Advisors’ area of focus and their core values aligned with exactly what I was looking for and I’ve been part of the team since January 2019!

Q:  What keeps you motivated in our industry? 

A:  This is a complex and highly regulated environment so there is always something new and exciting to work on, which is what keeps me motivated. I crave new challenges and unconquered mountains, which there are many of in the constantly changing landscape of health IT! 

QWhat’s the most rewarding part of working in health IT?

A:  For me, it’s about having an impact on the patients, caregivers, and their families. Knowing that my work provides a meaningful contribution towards patient care is very rewarding. It’s personal for me as well – my grandpa was in the ER once and while helping him there, I realized the care team was utilizing the software I helped implement to provide his care. He was able to receive great care and our experience was positive – all because the clinicians and care team members had the information they needed when they were treating him. That may not have been the outcome or our experience without that unified EHR platform in place. 

Q: What are unexpected challenges do you hope the industry can solve that are being experienced as a result of the pandemic?

A: The logistical challenges of getting the vaccine distributed as quickly as possible and providing quality results is really intriguing to me. I find myself thinking and debating this with my family and friends. My wife, Lindsey, is an analyst at a local health system and her team is currently implementing registration and scheduling software. She was able to get the vaccine because she needed to be onsite to support the clinicians with at-the-elbow support as they provide care to patients.  She’ll be receiving her second dose very soon. The health system’s vaccine distribution team only has so much capacity to administer the second doses that it’s been difficult to support any first dose administration in parallel. Health systems teams have been working around the clock for the past year to care for COVID patients so to see them be strained further in trying to distribute the vaccine to clinicians is difficult to watch. 

Q:  Please share a couple of random fun facts about yourself. 

A:  On the weekends you can usually find me in the garage woodworking or doing some sort of home renovation project.  My neighbors call me “Bob Vila”!  I’ve been working on getting out on the golf course more.  My friends have been inviting me to more scramble tournaments, so I must be getting better!