Relentless Problem Solvers

As relentless problem-solvers, Healthlink Advisors integrates with the nation’s forward-thinking provider organizations to advance the nature, role, and reach of healthcare delivery. Our advisors apply bold IT operations strategies, technology, planning, and policy solutions to drive needed change.

With direct experience in healthcare operations and management consulting, our exceptional talent brings an expansive understanding of complex health IT challenges. They push the status quo through a comprehensive approach to yield the best results for the enterprise. As an independent advisory group, our firm focuses upon the needs, goals, and success of its people, as well as our clients, to improve patient care.

Our ultimate purpose is to improve healthcare delivery through every client engagement. Grounded in strategic planning, the results spread throughout the enterprise to communities served.

Our Team

A unique blend of talent, heart, and smarts, Healthlink Advisors consultants come from all over and bring with them their own approach to each client engagement. From marathon runners to avid anglers, pilots to rock concert jammers, our personal talents combined with our industry experience from the client’s shoes shapes the decisions we make, the approaches we take, and the collaboration we bring with us to work every day.